Events in November 2009 – boat trip to Lamma Island

November 23, 2009

by Jackie Graham

On November 2009 the Shoujinkan Dojo had a boat trip to Lamma Island.
This was my first boat trip with the Dojo since I joined in 2006.

It was a beautiful day and many people came, including all of Kishikawa Sensei’s family, Tommy,
Keith and many others.
I took my two boys, Clive and David.
I had never seen many people out of the Dojo, so it was very nice to see so many of the members
relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day.

We left from TST and quickly departed for Lamma.
Tommy was making sure we understood all the safety issues on board!
My two boys quickly sat at the front of the boat with some of the other kids and sang songs as we sailed
through the harbour.

The boat dropped us off on Lamma, where we walked for a short distance and stopped at one of the
Everyone ran into the sea and enjoyed the swimming. But I am not very happy in the water! So some of the dojo members like Ando-san
had to help me in slowly!!
My two boys were off swimming with Sensei and the others.
We also brought some soft shinai to practice on the beach.
It was very strange but funny trying to move properly with sand under our feet, rather than hard floor!!
At least when we fell, it was not painful. It was interesting, it made us use our legs more than normal, and I could feel what I was doing wrong! Many people laughed at us trying to do kendo with soft shinai
on the beach, but it felt great to realx and talk about kendo in this way.

We had lunch in a lovely sea food restaurant and then the boat came to pick us up again.
On the way back, we sailed past some American war ships anchored in the harbour. Tommy took some really
good photos with the sun setting behind them.

It was a great day with great company and it was fabulous spending time with so many people from the dojo.