Another article from Stephen Nagy about Iaido

May 25, 2010

Here Stephen describes his experience during a Seminar of Koryu (Classical) Iaido in Tokyo.

Classical Iai Seminar


Articles from Kendo World – by Stephen Nagy

May 17, 2010

Stephen R. Nagy is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Japanese Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he teaches courses on Japanese Foreign Policy, Society and Japanese Budo (Tradition and transformation from the Tokugawa period to present). He lived in Japan for 12 years and obtained his Ph.D. from Waseda University, Japan in International Studies. During that he studied Kendo (3rd dan), Iaido (5th dan) and taught Aikibudo (5th dan.)

Above and beyond his research at university, he has been a staff writer for Kendo World since 2005 in which he wrote about Kendo and Iaido from historical, social and historical perspectives. Stephen joined the Shoijinkan Dojo under Kishikawa Sensei tutelage in December 2009.

Stephen has obtained permission to share his publications on Kendo and Iaido that were originally published in Kendo World for the purpose of dessiminating  knowldege about Kendo and Iaido to the Hong Kong and regional Kendo and Iaido community. He hopes that it will help further your personal shugyou!


  Iaido Regional Training Seminar


  Waseda University Kendo Club & Takano Sasaburo sensei

KW 3.4 Internationalization of Budo[1] 

   Important Question for the future of Budo

Zen Meditation Experience[1] by Eura Kazunori sensei
Stephen is interested in writing about the Hong Kong Kendo and Iaido community so please don’t hestitate to contact him at: nagystephen (at)