Alex Bennett sensei (7 dan Kendo) visit

February 8, 2011

by KK

On 21st & 22nd January 2011, a guest has visited our Shoujinkan.  Mr. Alex Bennett (7th Dan Kendo) is Editor–in-Chief of the well known Kendo World Magazine.  I only attended the practice on 22nd January 2011 in our dojo at Wong Tai Sin.

After our usual warm up, Mr. Bennett led us to initiate the practice.  At first, Bennett Sensei mentioned some knowledge about the basic movement in kendo.  This movement seems like as the Kendo Kata, lowering the sword and stepping back to the proper distance is a slow and relaxed movement.  He also emphasized other important elements including the footwork, Kiai & feeling, etc.

Next we did some basic kendo practices.  They included as Men-Kote-Do-Tsuki, Kote-Men, Men-Hiki-Do and Kote.  During the practice, I tried the technique he was teaching us, but I could not do it with the correct posture, especially hitting the “Do” drills which I got wrong on the strike direction.  After a few rounds, I still had a few fault but it’s getting better.

I felt my movement was so slow when I performed the mototachi for my partner, and then Bennett Sensei demonstrated how to do the mototachi.  After a few rotations I was performing better and quicker than before.  It was not a drill that I did often, but I appreciated the opportunity to practice it.

I was very glad to have a chance of the practice with Bennett Sensei.  He mainly focused on our basic kendo movement in the practice.  I found it is very useful for me as my weakness, the basic is not so good, can say poor.  Definitely the basic techniques, I will need more practice. 

Also, I learnt a great experience that the quality kendo comes from the basic techniques, and the quality kendo achieves the fast kendo, so I should be more concerned with doing the technique correctly and not doing it fast.

by MJ

Impressive lessons

Mr Alex Bennett 7th dan in Kendo, visited our dojo and made experience sharing with us. Everyone enjoyed the Keiko with Mr Benneth.

Bennett sensei shared the “Bokutou keiko hou” with us. It is in order to let the kendo ka practice the basic more flexible. It is similar to “kendo-kata”. Also start from “rei” and End with “rei”. But the different is the content of the practice are controlling by the “motodachi”. It is good for us to check our basic with “real fighting mode”.

Bennett sensei told us that believe the basic. It means there is no other faster way to improving our kendo. It is ture. That’s why our sensei emphasized the basic practice.

We are lucky to practice in Shoujin-kan. Also we are lucky to practice with Sensei from the other place. That’s what was Bennett sensei said : We meet here because of Shinai.

by Jackie(水德)

先週、アッレク(Alex Bennett) 先生が私たちの道場にいらっしゃいました。剣道について色々を教えてくれたのは’すごいな’と思った上に、外国人の剣士(導師)はこんーなに剣道に熱心のを見られて感心しました。同じ外国人(日本に対して)とした私はもっと頑張らなきゃと思いました。

by Danny

I feel very graceful about Alex Bennett sensei come to Shoujinkan, he taught we about the 木刀 keiko that 土屋 Tsuchiya Sensei promote in Shoujinkan, we can practise with no boku , it is more convenient when we practise in daily life and the kirikaeshi for beginners that I put the sword in front of the men and shinai will be not randomly hit to the men seperate left and right , help me to correct kirikaeshi.

I borrow Alex Sensei translate the book about Kendo Grading about Kendo Kata and the Strength Spirit, the english is not very difficult, I try to read it now. I hope I can see Alex sensei again.Hope he will come back to Hong Kong.

By Terry Wong

很榮幸,和Alex Bennett Sensei一起練習劍道,給我們講解劍道技巧.
在過程中Alex Sensei用心地教我們滑步打擊和其他滑步招式.
(enjoy)享受 Alex老師的劍理.
(enjoy)享受 練習的氣氛.
(enjoy)享受 同學們認真學習.
(enjoy)享受 劍道精神.

by Chester

A visit by a reknown sensei is always a wonderful experience in the dojo specially a very articulate Sensei whose methods and styles is delivered clearly. I enjoyed the sessions and i hoped Bennett Sensei will come and visit the dojo again in the near future