“1000” and “初段”


by MJ


 1000 haya-suburi is one of the legends of our dojo. Every one who are going to try the “初段”exam need to pass through the 1000 haya-suburi.

I was afraid that I can not complet it because we need to do 1000 suburi in big movement version (bring the shi-nai / boku-tou to our back). I felt hard during half of the 1000 suburi.

But I should not give up unless I can not do the “初段”exam. I was inspiring myself as I thought I will die if I am in battlefield. For me, I000 suburi doesn’t mean the exchange condition of “初段”. But the breakthrough to the next step of our kendo. And as a”初段”member have more responsibilities in the dojo.


Thank you for your teaching, Sensei. And I want to thank to every Senpai and also all of the members in our dojo because of you practice with me.

Three of members of our dojo went to take dan exam on that day who were Ando senpai, Peter and me.

I still remember that It was a rainy day. The sky was gray and weather was cool. The mood seems not well. I was very nervous on the exam day. Nervous about what will happen if I fail.

But some of the members told me that be confidence and do it with 100% spirit. Thank you for the support !

We line up on the center of the court and waiting for the exam. My heart was pulsating so quick when I walked to the center of the court. Seems can not breathe. I was doing seiza and mokkuso on their and waiting for the exam.

 “108 , 109” 109 was my candidate number. We need to do two rounds “tachi-ai”. Shimpan will decide who pass or fail in the taichi-ai part. The candidate who passes here can proceed to the next part-kendo kata.

I felt very strange because I can not do what I want or do what i usually do in our dojo. I started to freeze. My exam partner attack to me like a wild animal. I tried to calm down. I think I was like a beginner who is just wear the bogu for few days. I don’t think I did very well about my tachi-ai part although I passed.

For the kendo kata. My partner was from the mainland. He was being shi-tachi side and I was being uchi-tachi side. I was worry about kata part because my partner kept watching to my ken-sen. I don’t know that did he receive my signal. So, I must leading to it and blend with the opponent as one.

Lastly, three of us succeed with the dan exam.


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