Beach training (Rocky I Project) May 10th, 2011


 by Franki Tang

 Rocky Project

  I am very happy to share my feelings of our activities at Deep Water Bay of Buddist Holiday on 10 May 2011.  It was very suitable for outdoor activity on that sunny day and many of our members of “Shonjinkan” Team have joined it.  We have done more difficult practices on the beach and we use Shinai to have more practice and running on the sand, sit up, free-weight   , trunk twist with heavy stone and that why we called it as “Rocky” project. 

 From the practice, it can let me know why we need train at the beach.  Moreover, there are many peoples watching to us what we are doing.  Some of them are very curious but some of them disliked us.  We are not minded that and we have spent the whole day to practice our Kendo and Keiko at the Dojo.  Moreover, there are many people have watched me how to do the practice, how to do the Keiko which made me feeling uncomfortable and have pressure so I need to overcome all difficulties. 

 Finally, I found that it was an meaningful training to all Shoujinkan Team and many thanks of Sensei to hold this Rocky project.   

by Jackie

On May 10th, Shoujinkan made a visit to the beach.

It was a beautiful day, blue sky, cools winds and very clear air.

We went to Deep water bay beach. Just after we arrived, we started running on the beach. Running in the sand is very good practice! You have to use different muscles than usualand it strengthens the thighs and torso of the body. It is also a very good workout!!

After a while everyone started to arrive. We had all brought somefood, water and our Shinai. All the boys also ran a few times up and down the beach.

Many of the members were swimming and playing with the kids, Alan, Kelly, Clive, David, Zander and Xavier.It was decided after some swimming that the next event would be wrestling in the sand. Sensei drew a large ring in the sand and we all had to wrestle within this ring.The strongest wrestlers were Mj and Ken, who demonstrated great skill! Moving body weight and the opponents body weight against themself was difficult in the sand. Even the kids had a go!

Next we had to lift a big rock above our heads, while keeping our balance in the waves! This was good fun and everyone had a go. The same rock was then used when doing twisting torso sit ups!

After lunch, our shinai’s were brought out and we practiced some kihon, men and subari, all while standing in the waves. This was interesting as we felt our bodies were moving fast, when actually they were moving very slowly against the water. We had to focus on balance as well as trying to do each hit correctly. It was very good practice!

The whole day was great fun. Practice like this, although fun, is actually a very good way of checking how your body is moving during our hitting and swing. Because we are in the sand and water, we have to move correctly in order to keep balance. If we don’t move correctly, we cannot make the hit.

I think days like this are very important to a dojo. It brings all the members together in an environment which is different. Everyone is relaxed and this encourages people to talk and make friends. I think especially for the beginners, as they see everyone in a different frame of mind. This will encourage sharing of experiences and deepen friendships.

I visited Japan in March, and the dojo ‘felt ‘ like a special place. Although in Hong Kong we do not have a physical dojo like Japan, I think by bringing everyone together like this will build a special ‘feeling’ inside for everyone.

By doing this Shoujinkan will become a special place, due to the bond and friendships ‘felt’ after such gatherings. This in turn I hope will encourage hard keiko! Many left with fond memories of races, wrestling and keiko on the beach with Sensei, as well as some sunburn!! We all look foward to the next Shoujinkan outing!

by MJ Lee

“Rocky project I”

We enjoy to the sun shine and training at deep water bay at 10/5. We were swimming, do relay race, sumo, suburi, kirikaeshi on the sand,etc. But the part that made me most impressive was relay race.

I was being the Taisho of the team. Proberbily , win or lose were not important at that time but team spirit.Our team was fall behind when it was the last two match. As a taisho , I need to trace back. Like…Like…It’s quite differcult to me to explain what feeling was. Here is a video from youtube.

Otherwise, we enjoy nice sun shine and keiko(se-me only) on the sand. My shoulder became a Tenpura under the sun. Wa..I ‘m so painful on my both shoulder!

      But anyway, I want to shoot Rocky project II. Many members missed this time.

by Peter





P.S 說好的續集幾時開始呢?

by Alan

The Beach

Hi! I am Alan. This is a funny story.

On 10 March 2011(Tuesday), I went to the beach. I was very excited. We met Jackie. She was with Clive and David. I was very happy to see them. I play with them on the train. They nonstop-ask “Where is M.J.?”

At Last I arrive at the beach. I run with my dad. I ran 5 whole times! My foot was burning! I was so hot after I ran I jumped in the water-relived. Soon other guys who do Kendo arrived! Then dad asked them how many times they ran. They replied. I was fuming. Only 4 times! Then they stuck out their tongue! So I charged at them. They fell on the sand!

Soon we all had a Sumo match. I won Clive and David. They charged at me until they gave up. After that me, Clive and David played on a phone. But not long. Then we swam to the raft. Then we arrived first! When they arrived they were mad. They charged but they always missed. Then we pushed them down. At last we jumped on them. They had fallen under the raft. When they came out their hair was really gross. It was like a battle. The Child’s escaped. I rowed with Clive. David was on a blue raft on the back. He pushed everyone in the back. When they came up we were ready for a fight. We had 2 plans. Plan 1. We charged at them. They fell and they charged at us. Plan 2. Fleeeeeeeeeee! We jumped on the boat. They chased us. We rowed to shore while David picked up seaweed. Then we made traps. When they came up, M.J (the lead person) fell in the trap. It took him 10 minutes for him to climb up. Soon we had a race. I did not know who won. Then I played with Clive and David. Soon they had to leave. I was alone. I had to run and defeat them. At last I had to leave. It was very exciting.

HA!             HA!           HA!


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