Kendo Paintings

November 28, 2011

by Jessie Tsang

by Choi Siu Tsung


Boat Trip to Lamma Island 2011

November 28, 2011

by MJ

The weather was quiet cool. We were enjoy the wind and shake on the boat!

That is the first time for me to coordinate the boat trip. It was quite hard to me because I am not good to handle of the counting. Hah~~~It just so shameful.

But It was realy a right date to take the boat-trip with dojo’s member. We had some newest members of our dojo and the exchange student Okubo from Japan.

All of us were enjoy the nice boat arriving , lunch , running and practicing on that day. We had have nice Chinese dishes at lamma Island. The shrimp were fresh and the “Gu-Lou” pork made was so nice. It was’t too oily or thin. It wasn’t like the “Gu-Lou”pork that I tried at the “Dai Pai Dong(open-air food stall) which is so oily and too much of sause! Opps ,I ‘m not writing the artical of Eating , Hah~ After the lunch , I ran to the beach(I forgot the name) where Sensei decided with Danny and Peter.

But we lost the way and ran to a beach where were so funky. So that we have to return or we will meet at the beach where sensei decided. We had to return to the pair or we will miss the boat that we arrived. (I saw a coconut on the funky beach when we return to the pair. I kicked it in to sea. But I won’t do it anymore because I was regret after I kicked that. Ouch!)

We did some suburi and kirikaeshi at the beach then start the reacing and sumo! It was not for fun or exciting actually but very useful. How to train your mind to support the fighting for a while. To keep concentrate on it. I was do the sumo on the beach and never stop. For one on one to one on two or one on three with out using of hands. The more serious situation will be happen in the Kendo world tournament. Do the uchi komi practice is realy a useful practice for us. My body was more use to in the keiko.

Lastly, we return to Tsim Sha Tsui under with cool winds and shaking. What a beautiful boat trip! It was start with the wind blowing and finish with w the wind blowing.

By Franki

On 5th Oct Wednesday just to be the Chung Yeung Festival, is a Shoujinkan for the annual day of boat trip.

The day not a sunny day, but the weather is good, everyone with a happy mood to enjoy the day, we finally ate a big meal lunch went to Lamma Island.

There are of course to feel tranquil on the island, we have to go to another Beach, everyone on the beach and practice, we all put down seriously on the Dojo , relax , and fun to play, seriously relaxed.

The trip concludes enhance everyone’s knowledge, promote each other’s friendship, I thank the Sensei to hold the boat trip, you can see we are all smiling at home.



Hong Kong Children & Ladies Kendo Tournament 2011

November 28, 2011

by MJ

We made it!

I would like to thank to Sensei for the oppotunites to coordinate the warm-up and helping in the tournament I was so proud of you ladies of the perform in the ladies’s tournament !

The supporting of the members is important. For me, The word ”support “ isn’t mean just keep saying “Faitou(fight)” from the side of the court. But to suggest or to share the opinions to members. Also , how can I make their spirit up to high in short time, etc. So, as a supporter is not easy also.

Also , I was surprised to see the nice kendo match happened on kids. Alan did a best fighting that I have seen till now. Tsuchiya sensei’s dauther Reika was defeated two strong kids from the other dojo and won the champion again. Yuki showed what he can do to a bigger opponent who was almost 170 height! So impressive right?

I think many of our members did learn a lot there. And Should find the way to make ourself strong. Do say “I wanted”any more! “just do it”.

by Jackie

The Shoujinkan Spirit! 


On the 9th October 2011, we had the 2nd Hong Kong Junior and Ladies Kendo Championships.

The weekend of this competition (7th and 8th ) Tsuchiya Sensei together with his daughter Reika, and son Yuki, joined our practice at Shoujinkan. We all had keiko with his family and like before, I could sense the energy and spirit of the dojo rising. The motivation that the Tsuchiya family have was affecting our members in a very positive way.

On the morning of the competition, I arrived and was very pleased to see so many of our members already in bogu ready to help with the warm up. MJ led an amazing spirited warm up. He was able to increase our energy and spirits. But I also felt there was a strong team spirit among us. I noticed that many of the members were nervous. We had Keiko with the Sensei first, which was good to release nervous energy!

The first event was the juniors’ individual event. The children from our dojo did very well indeed. I had noticed for a couple of days before the tournament, Alan was very tired. But during his shiai he demonstrated 100% spirit and energy. He won some very good ippon and was awarded Best Fighting Spirit. Yuki also had a shiai full of spirit and determination. As a result he won Best Fighting Spirit Award and was third place.

Reika had a very good shiai also. She was the champion for the individual event and won Best Fighting Spirit Award.

Kelvin told me before his match that he was very nervous, but during his matches, he was full of spirit, and showed great confidence and maturity.

The next event was the junior team match. By this time, I could feel the support and encouragement from all the other Shoujinkan members. It was wonderful! Again, the spirit remained among our young members! Reika’s team won 3rd place, with Reika demonstrating deadly accuracy and beautiful zanshin. Alan’s team won 2rd place and he continued with his 100% energy. Kelvin’s courage and determination won him Best Fighting Spirit Award as well as 3rd place with Reika. Yuki although small, his energy and fighting spirit are enormous, and even though he had to fight people almost double his size, he never gave up and managed to score some wonderful ippon. His team won first place for the team event.

All the junior members demonstrated great courage, determination and good fighting spirit. As a result the mood among the Shoujinkan members was very high and positive.

The next event was the ladies individual match.

I was now feeling very nervous. As such, during my warm up with MJ, my energy was not able to move freely and I felt tense and I could not breathe properly. I had felt that the support from our members was so strong that I did not want to let anyone down. I did not do too well. But I tried to re-focus and become positive for the team event. In the individual ladies event, Eri demonstrated some beautiful kendo and as a result she won second place for the 2-4 dan section. Bonnie was fighting in the 0-1 dan section and she was fighting with 100% spirit. Her kiai was very strong and in the end, it won her Best Fighting Spirit Award.

The next event was the ladies team event.

At this point all the members that were there from Shoujinkan were there to support us. I felt different in that my confidence was high and I really wanted to win for our members.

The team for Shoujinkan were myself, Eri and Bonnie. Although we did not say anything, I could feel the fighting spirit between us was very strong.

As we continued to make our way towards the final, our spirits increased and so did our energy. The more fighting I did the more I relaxed and the more my energy and fighting spirit grew. By the time we were about to fight in the final, I knew we could win!

We all won our matches and we became the champions!

Shoujinkan had a wonderful result on Sunday. BUT we should not forget the effort others have put in to help us all achieve this good result.

MJ was a wonderful support and led a great warm up. Others from the dojo also helped. This must not be forgotten. Without a good warm up, no-one can prepare properly both physically and mentally.

We must not forget those at the dojo during the practice sessions, who help and advice us. Without them we cannot practice, waza, kihon and other techniques.

We must not also forget those who come to cheer. Without them we do not have the motivation to try and do our best 100%. Everyone had a part to play in the success on Sunday, whether it was through fighting, supporting or cheering.

Kishikawa Sensei always teaches us that kendo is more than just fighting. I think Shoujinkan demonstrated this 100% on Sunday, with all the support and help. We must also not forget Sensei, who teaches us so much not just about kendo, but about how to respect ourselves and those around us, as well as a deep understanding of the meaning of Rei.

This is The Shoujinkan Spirit. Let’s try and keep this feeling alive in the dojo through our practice, support and teaching with each other.