Boat Trip to Lamma Island 2011

by MJ

The weather was quiet cool. We were enjoy the wind and shake on the boat!

That is the first time for me to coordinate the boat trip. It was quite hard to me because I am not good to handle of the counting. Hah~~~It just so shameful.

But It was realy a right date to take the boat-trip with dojo’s member. We had some newest members of our dojo and the exchange student Okubo from Japan.

All of us were enjoy the nice boat arriving , lunch , running and practicing on that day. We had have nice Chinese dishes at lamma Island. The shrimp were fresh and the “Gu-Lou” pork made was so nice. It was’t too oily or thin. It wasn’t like the “Gu-Lou”pork that I tried at the “Dai Pai Dong(open-air food stall) which is so oily and too much of sause! Opps ,I ‘m not writing the artical of Eating , Hah~ After the lunch , I ran to the beach(I forgot the name) where Sensei decided with Danny and Peter.

But we lost the way and ran to a beach where were so funky. So that we have to return or we will meet at the beach where sensei decided. We had to return to the pair or we will miss the boat that we arrived. (I saw a coconut on the funky beach when we return to the pair. I kicked it in to sea. But I won’t do it anymore because I was regret after I kicked that. Ouch!)

We did some suburi and kirikaeshi at the beach then start the reacing and sumo! It was not for fun or exciting actually but very useful. How to train your mind to support the fighting for a while. To keep concentrate on it. I was do the sumo on the beach and never stop. For one on one to one on two or one on three with out using of hands. The more serious situation will be happen in the Kendo world tournament. Do the uchi komi practice is realy a useful practice for us. My body was more use to in the keiko.

Lastly, we return to Tsim Sha Tsui under with cool winds and shaking. What a beautiful boat trip! It was start with the wind blowing and finish with w the wind blowing.

By Franki

On 5th Oct Wednesday just to be the Chung Yeung Festival, is a Shoujinkan for the annual day of boat trip.

The day not a sunny day, but the weather is good, everyone with a happy mood to enjoy the day, we finally ate a big meal lunch went to Lamma Island.

There are of course to feel tranquil on the island, we have to go to another Beach, everyone on the beach and practice, we all put down seriously on the Dojo , relax , and fun to play, seriously relaxed.

The trip concludes enhance everyone’s knowledge, promote each other’s friendship, I thank the Sensei to hold the boat trip, you can see we are all smiling at home.




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