1000 Kirikaeshi

by Jackie
On wed 8th August 2012, Peter, MJ and Bonnie did 1000 kirikaeshi. It was great to see members of our dojo demonstrate courage, determination and spirit.
As I have said before, it is very easy to take the ‘easy way’ in life. But it takes courage to decide to try something that will push us to our limits both physically and mentally. By deciding to do the 1000 kirikaeshi, Peter, Mj and Bonnie demonstrated the courage
that they had, and in doing so will make them stronger.
For the members of the dojo who watched them, I hope that it will give them inspiration to challenge themselves. Every challenge big or small means that we have taken and accepted the next step towards improving.
I feel that the spirit within the dojo over the last few months has changed in a good way. I feel there is more of a ‘team’ atmosphere and a willingness to help each other.
This is a very good thing. It was great to see this on wed, when so many were supporting Peter, MJ and Bonnie.
Well done to the three of you! Lets try together to challenge ourselves and become strong together in both mind and body.
Lets hope that many more of the members are inspired and accept challenges that will help build a strong spirit.
Well done again!!

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