Making the grade : passing the 8th Dan Kendo Examination

The 25th issue of Kendo World Vol. 7.1 will be available soon, and will contain an exclusive interview with Roberto Kishikawa sensei, who passed the last 8 Dan examination in November 27, 2013.

Dr. Stephen R. Nagy interviewed Kishikawa sensei soon he arrived in Hong Kong, and will have a very close view of his experience and views in kendo.

Below the link to the synopsis of the coming soon Kendo World Vol.7.1.

Making the grade: Roberto Kishikawa on passing the 8-Dan examination
Interview by Dr. Stephen R. Nagy
November 27, 2013, marks an important date for kendoka around the world. That early evening, Roberto Kishikawa, a Brazilian national and permanent resident of Hong Kong, was promoted to 8-dan by the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF). As the first, non-Japanese kendoka to pass the 8-dan grading in Japan, Kishikawa-sensei has excited and inspired the overseas kendo community to strive for the highest levels of kendo. This article is an interview with Kishikawa-sensei concerning his exam experience, views on kendo and journey to 8-dan.

kendo world Vol 7-1

 Hong Kong Kendo Association appraised the news with a stone and metal placard, by president Raymond Lai.




The news was shared in Brazil by newspapers Nippak, Sao Paulo and Nikkey.



It is expected that kendo magazines in Japan will cover the news in the next editions.

In our dojo, a big festivity was held with all members, who joined to celebrate sensei’s achievement, together with the 10th Anniversary of establishment of the Dojo.

8dan celebration cakes_shoujinkan

8dan celebration cake _shoujinkan

8dan celebration shoujinkan


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