Hong Kong Children & Ladies Kendo Tournament 2011

November 28, 2011

by MJ

We made it!

I would like to thank to Sensei for the oppotunites to coordinate the warm-up and helping in the tournament I was so proud of you ladies of the perform in the ladies’s tournament !

The supporting of the members is important. For me, The word ”support “ isn’t mean just keep saying “Faitou(fight)” from the side of the court. But to suggest or to share the opinions to members. Also , how can I make their spirit up to high in short time, etc. So, as a supporter is not easy also.

Also , I was surprised to see the nice kendo match happened on kids. Alan did a best fighting that I have seen till now. Tsuchiya sensei’s dauther Reika was defeated two strong kids from the other dojo and won the champion again. Yuki showed what he can do to a bigger opponent who was almost 170 height! So impressive right?

I think many of our members did learn a lot there. And Should find the way to make ourself strong. Do say “I wanted”any more! “just do it”.

by Jackie

The Shoujinkan Spirit! 


On the 9th October 2011, we had the 2nd Hong Kong Junior and Ladies Kendo Championships.

The weekend of this competition (7th and 8th ) Tsuchiya Sensei together with his daughter Reika, and son Yuki, joined our practice at Shoujinkan. We all had keiko with his family and like before, I could sense the energy and spirit of the dojo rising. The motivation that the Tsuchiya family have was affecting our members in a very positive way.

On the morning of the competition, I arrived and was very pleased to see so many of our members already in bogu ready to help with the warm up. MJ led an amazing spirited warm up. He was able to increase our energy and spirits. But I also felt there was a strong team spirit among us. I noticed that many of the members were nervous. We had Keiko with the Sensei first, which was good to release nervous energy!

The first event was the juniors’ individual event. The children from our dojo did very well indeed. I had noticed for a couple of days before the tournament, Alan was very tired. But during his shiai he demonstrated 100% spirit and energy. He won some very good ippon and was awarded Best Fighting Spirit. Yuki also had a shiai full of spirit and determination. As a result he won Best Fighting Spirit Award and was third place.

Reika had a very good shiai also. She was the champion for the individual event and won Best Fighting Spirit Award.

Kelvin told me before his match that he was very nervous, but during his matches, he was full of spirit, and showed great confidence and maturity.

The next event was the junior team match. By this time, I could feel the support and encouragement from all the other Shoujinkan members. It was wonderful! Again, the spirit remained among our young members! Reika’s team won 3rd place, with Reika demonstrating deadly accuracy and beautiful zanshin. Alan’s team won 2rd place and he continued with his 100% energy. Kelvin’s courage and determination won him Best Fighting Spirit Award as well as 3rd place with Reika. Yuki although small, his energy and fighting spirit are enormous, and even though he had to fight people almost double his size, he never gave up and managed to score some wonderful ippon. His team won first place for the team event.

All the junior members demonstrated great courage, determination and good fighting spirit. As a result the mood among the Shoujinkan members was very high and positive.

The next event was the ladies individual match.

I was now feeling very nervous. As such, during my warm up with MJ, my energy was not able to move freely and I felt tense and I could not breathe properly. I had felt that the support from our members was so strong that I did not want to let anyone down. I did not do too well. But I tried to re-focus and become positive for the team event. In the individual ladies event, Eri demonstrated some beautiful kendo and as a result she won second place for the 2-4 dan section. Bonnie was fighting in the 0-1 dan section and she was fighting with 100% spirit. Her kiai was very strong and in the end, it won her Best Fighting Spirit Award.

The next event was the ladies team event.

At this point all the members that were there from Shoujinkan were there to support us. I felt different in that my confidence was high and I really wanted to win for our members.

The team for Shoujinkan were myself, Eri and Bonnie. Although we did not say anything, I could feel the fighting spirit between us was very strong.

As we continued to make our way towards the final, our spirits increased and so did our energy. The more fighting I did the more I relaxed and the more my energy and fighting spirit grew. By the time we were about to fight in the final, I knew we could win!

We all won our matches and we became the champions!

Shoujinkan had a wonderful result on Sunday. BUT we should not forget the effort others have put in to help us all achieve this good result.

MJ was a wonderful support and led a great warm up. Others from the dojo also helped. This must not be forgotten. Without a good warm up, no-one can prepare properly both physically and mentally.

We must not forget those at the dojo during the practice sessions, who help and advice us. Without them we cannot practice, waza, kihon and other techniques.

We must not also forget those who come to cheer. Without them we do not have the motivation to try and do our best 100%. Everyone had a part to play in the success on Sunday, whether it was through fighting, supporting or cheering.

Kishikawa Sensei always teaches us that kendo is more than just fighting. I think Shoujinkan demonstrated this 100% on Sunday, with all the support and help. We must also not forget Sensei, who teaches us so much not just about kendo, but about how to respect ourselves and those around us, as well as a deep understanding of the meaning of Rei.

This is The Shoujinkan Spirit. Let’s try and keep this feeling alive in the dojo through our practice, support and teaching with each other.


My 1,000 times Suburi & grading & Asian Kendo Tournament

April 6, 2011

by Peter




這是我人生第一次的段試, 或多或少感到十分緊張!在前幾天,我每天都獨自練習Kata,並拍下片段回看,細看自己有需要改善的地方。當然,有錯的時候你自己未必能察覺,但你能改善自己的動作夠不夠完美等等…還記得考試那一天早上,我不停在學校的停車場裡重複又重複的練,真的十分緊張!

坐了一鐘頭的車程到達了天水圍體育館,準備熱身, Ando San, MJ和我多覆習幾次Kata, 因為試題中的三個部份,只有Kata可以練習,其他的就要看自己臨場表現和文筆了。接著,大會會分配部份人的去交試題和獲得一個號碼,Ando San是309,MJ是109,我的是107,百位數字是代表你考取的段數。

考試開始了,共分兩個區域進行,一個是初段-二段,另一個是三段以上。考試第一部份是要上甲進行Keiko的。「禮」,「氣勢」,「kiai」,「殘心」在這部份是十分重要!!考官主要看初段考生能否做齊這些劍道裡最本的練習, 每人會有兩場各一分鐘的Keiko, 你要在限時內用100%作戰的心態去應付, 用盡在道場上所學到的, 因為你輸了, 便無法去下一回合了。,我發現很多對基本的禮儀也不懂得,心裡暗自慶幸有先生,前輩們對基本的執著和教導。

能夠進入第二部份-Kata的考生的號碼會寫在白板上, Kata過後,只能等待結果。還好最後考試成功!十分多謝先生,Jackie, Chris等前輩的支持和指導!




Tsuchiya Sensei and family visit to Hong Kong and 1st Youth and Women Hong Kong Tournament.

November 15, 2010

by Jackie

On the weekend of 8th -10th October we were very lucky to be visited again by Tsuchiya Sensei. This time he brought his family.
Both of his children practice kendo every day. He has a son aged 5 and a daughter aged 11 years. I joined the keiko with them at the dojo on the 9th October.

The first thing that I noticed about his children was the attitude they showed in the dojo. Both were very serious, demonstrated a huge degree of Rei and were conducting themselves in a proper manner. This impressed me, especially from kids so young!
We did our warm up as usual, followed by some waza. Tsuchiya Sensei then spoke to us about Kendo Kata, and that even childern can benefit from practising. He asked his children to demonstrate the kata that they had been learning. Kata especially for children.

The control, poise and maai that they demonstrated was quite amazing and lovely to watch. By watching them, it was quite obvious what the benefits were.
Children are able to control themselves a bit more and are able to understand the idea of maai and use this in their keiko.
Due to the tournament being only 24 hours away, we then had a very short shiai for the children. No matter who their opponents were, Tsuchiya Sensei’s son and daughter showed great fighting spirit, timing and enthusiasm.

We then had keiko. I had a keiko with Tsuchiya Sensei. I have had keiko with him during previous visits, but I was still unable to make ippon easily! He was very stable, and his energy and fighting spirit very high. Everyone had a very good keiko at Wong Tai Sin.

We then moved to Tai Kok Tsui for the 5-7pm keiko. During this session I had a shiai with Tsuchiya Sensei’s daughter. It was amazing! For one so young she demonstrated maai, and her timing was exact. She was very strong and her fighting spirit also very strong. I found it very hard to make easy ippon!! It was quite a humbling experience, and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to have this shiai with her.

I think the one thing I learned from this day is that in kendo, and in life, we can learn from anyone. Many people I am sure think that children are young and inexperienced to teach us many things. In fact on this day I learned many things from Tsuchiya Sensei’s children.
I learned that no matter how young you are, it is never to early to start to learn!
By watching his children I learned that no matter how young you are, never give up.
I also learned that even children can teach us about ourselves! I learned from his daughter that my maai is not correct.

I really enjoyed this experience and was very humbled to see children so young conduct themselves in such a wonderful way!

The next day 10th October was the tournament.
The children individual and team events were first. Tsuchiya Sensei and myself helped the children from our dojo and his children with the warm up.

During the individual event, all the kids from our dojo demonstrated great fighting spirit and fought with courage.Tsuchiya Sensei’s daughter was amazing and won the individual event. Alan Kishikawa also did very well and demonstrated great spirit. He came 3rd in this event. The son of Tsuchiya Sensei won best fighting spirit.

In the Children and teenage mixed team event, the children from our dojo again did very well.
Migita Haru and the daughter of Tsuchiya Sensei were the team champions in this event. His son came second and kiyota Kei from our dojo won best fighting spirit as well as Tsuchiya Sensei’s daughter.

The next event was the women individual and team event. I was participating in this. I was very nervous while waiting to begin.
I tried to increase my kiai and focussed on what Kishikawa Sensei teaches us…….go forward, left hand, go through!
I managed to get into the semi-final. It was a draw but then I was beaten with a men. I was a little disappointed, as I felt I could have done better.

In the team event, our team were knocked out quite soon into the tournament. Again I was a little disappointed. But everything is a learning experience. Even experiences that are not so good can give us courage and spirit to keep going and not give up.

The whole weekend had a great feeling about it. I think the energy from the Tsuchiya family helped to make everyone feel high in spirit. As a result everyone fought in the tournament well.

I would like to thank the Tsuchiya family for teaching us so much this weekend. I know that everyone at the dojo was inspired by his children and hopefully this can keep us learning more and more. Tsuchiya Sensei is returning to Hong Kong in March. We look forward to seeing him then!








接著我們移動到大角咀,由五時練習至七時。在這節練習時段中,我與土屋先生的女兒來了一場模擬比賽。真的很奇妙!這麼年少的她所表現的距離,及她的掌握的時機如此的精準,而且鬥志也是如此的強橫,實力很強。我發覺得很難容易地取得一本。這是一個頗為humbling的經驗, 我非常高興有機會與她比賽過一場。

經過今天的我知道我學習到一件事,在劍道及人生上,我們能從任何人身上學習。我相信很多人會認為,年紀少及缺乏經的小孩無法教我們太多的東西。不過,今天我從土屋先生的小孩身上學到很多東西。我學習到無論如何年輕,從沒有太早去學習這回事。也從他的小孩身上學到無論年紀多小,也不要放棄。我也學習到,就算是小孩也能教曉我們有關自己的事,我從他的女兒學習到自己與對手的距離並不正確。我實是享受今次的經歷及感到very humbled,見到小孩 以如此奇妙的方式去表現自己。


在小童個人賽中, 我們館的小孩全都表現出很好的鬥志及以奮勇戰鬥。土屋先生的女兒表現驚歎,勝出個人賽。岸川進展示很好的鬥志及表現出色。他取得這個組別的第三名。土屋先生的兒子取得敢鬥賞。


接下來是比賽是女子個人及隊制賽。我參與了此組賽事。等待開始的這段時間,我感到很緊張。我嘗試增強自己的氣合及聚焦於岸川先生所教的東西……向前,左手及衝過去。 我力爭至準決賽,那局賽事打成平手,但被接著的男子打敗。我的確有少許失望,因我覺得我能夠做得更好。


整個週末感覺很好,我覺得土屋先生一家人帶來的精神,令所有人感到鬥志高昂。 最後每個人也在比賽表現很好。


by MJ Lee

   Tsuchiya Sensei visited our dojo with his family. I was glad to practice with Tsuchiya Sensei. I was eye-opening on the “KEIKO” of Tsuchiya sensei‘s son and daughter, Especially Sensei’s son. It is because of sense of “KENDO” and spirit.

He looks smaller then the kids who are same age with him. But he seems don’t afraid to opponents. He could use the technique smoothly and I thought he did his best to make “IP-PON” in every attack. Although some of attack were not perfect, but his spirit showed “IP-PON”.

We enjoyed typical local dish after the practice. Sensei enjoyed to the edible frog legs. He said it is good for our legs. But his daughter did not like it, ha.

Tsuchiya Sensei ‘s children participated to the tournament on Sunday at 10/10.

They revealed good kendo. I thought most of the people who were watching the match were profound to it.

岸川ロベルト先生  精進館道場の皆様、香港剣道協会の皆様





The 1st  Hong Kong  Junior  Kendo  Championshipsの出場に際し、多大なご尽力を賜り、誠にありがとうございました。



とても強く香港剣道のカリスマである 岸川ロベルト先生。

いつも優しい笑顔で皆を見守る香港剣道協会の象徴である 黎富恩 香港剣道協会会長。

この人無しで、香港剣道協会は語れません 稽古は厳しく、終わればユーモアたっぷりで

アッという間に、空間を盛り上げる香港剣道協会のイメージ(ガール?) 陳伊達 事務局長。

大きな身体で、いつもやさしく、包容力のある トミーさん。

ユニークで、いつも明るい雰囲気を作ってくれる アルバートさん。

土曜、日曜は必ず一日中お付き合い頂き香港の色々な事を教えて下さる 吉岩先生、箕浦先生。

とても頭が良く、剣居一体の努力家で、いつも通訳で助けてくれる ナギさん。



私の大切なメール友達 ジェシーさんとジャッキーさん(男性)。


まさか香港で関西弁を聞けるなんて!! この人無しに香港の剣道大会は進行しません 山田先生。

真面目でハンサムな ケンさん。

日本の女性は、皆 あなたに心を奪われますよ 黄(兄)さん。

その他、ここに書ききれない 数多くの香港の皆様方との出会いは、私達家族の大切な宝物です。



  1. 「師弟同行」 


  1. 「文武両道」 

剣道だけ一生懸命努力するのでは無く 子供達は剣道と勉強、


  1. 「一芸に秀でる」  



  1. 「交剣知愛」  


多くの友人を作り、皆さんの事を知り、決して利益を求めず、 剣道が自分や周りの方々の人生において、幸福の軸になる様にする。

今回は直前に起きた尖閣諸島の問題等が有り日中関係が微妙な中、正直不安な気持ちを抱えながら香港入りをしました。  しかし精進館道場の皆様や香港剣道協会の皆様は、いつも通り暖かく私達家族を迎えて下さいました。

The 1st  Hong Kong  Junior  Kendo  Championships当日の朝 会場入りをした瞬間に「JAPAN チェッ!」と舌打ちする方もいて、緊迫した雰囲気が有りました。しかし気にせず子供達と、いつも通りにアップを行い、「いつも通り正々堂々と正しい剣道で真正面からぶつかって精一杯戦いなさい」と指示を出して、子供達を送り出しました。   一回戦は有効打が決まっても場内がシーンと冷ややかな雰囲気でしたが、二回戦、三回戦と勝ち進むに連れて、良い技ならば日本人である娘に対しても声援と拍手をしてくれる観客の方々が少しずつ増え 決勝戦での面返し胴が決まった瞬間は、スタンディングオーベーション状態で会場の皆様の大声援を頂き 国境を越えて皆が一体になった様に感じました。  私達親子は今まで数え切れない苦労や辛さを体験してきましたが、それらが一瞬にして消えた瞬間でした。 良いプレーであれば、対戦相手までもが、拍手をして下さる海外の皆様の綺麗で大きな心は、大変勉強になりました。






未熟な親子でございますが、 今後とも末永くご指導、ご鞭撻を賜りますよう、




土屋 誠




でも、広東語や英語の話せない私に、香港の皆さんは とても優しく接してくれました。



辛いときもあるけど、稽古帰りの車中は、ジュースを飲みながら 三人で仲良く お話をして すっきりして 楽しい空間になるのが とても好きです」

試合当日 レイユーモンスポーツセンターに着きピリッとした雰囲気にとても緊張しました。

いつも通り、監督であるお父さんとアップをした後、指示を聞きながら一生懸命試合をしました。海外の男子達、女子達は 皆とてもパワーがあって、スピードも速くて、とても勉強になりました。 記念すべき第1回目のHong Kong  Junior  Kendo  Championshipsに出場させて頂いた事に、とても感謝しています。結果的には 個人戦、団体戦の両方で優勝する事が出来て とても嬉しかったです。香港の皆さんに稽古やご指導をつけて頂いたおかけです。

試合が終わり、表彰式の後、対戦した相手や相手のお父さんやお母さん、応援団の人達が、大勢来ておめでとう!コングラチュレーション!握手をして!写真を取って! と色々な国の言葉で言われ どうして良いのか分からず お父さんに「助けてー!」と抱きつきました。お父さんに「 笑顔でサンキュー!と言って頭を下げて握手をすれば大丈夫だよ」と言われ、その通りにやったら、海外の皆さんと仲良くなれて とても嬉しかったです。

私は今回、香港に来させて頂いたおかげで、香港やアジアの皆さんが、とても大好きになりました。 来年また香港へ行きたいと思いますので、よろしくお願いします。

I  LOVE  Hong Kong


土屋 麗香(11歳)





これからも、ずっと 僕と仲良くして下さい。



土屋 優輝(6歳)